freelancers, apply to mission offers

Réseau-freelances allows you to easily search and apply to missions that interest you. Apply with a single click and find your applications in your dashboard

The dashboard

With the dashboard, you can quickly access new mission offers, those you have consulted, and those you have already applied for

  • The latest offers

    Filter the results with a personalized search; using the keywords of your choice, you can also filter geographically
    Save as many keyword searches as you like

  • My applications

    You will find here the offers to which you have applied

  • My consulted offers

    Already browsed offers to which you have not yet sent an application. Saving time so you don't have to search again

Apply to a mission offer

Are you interested in a mission offer? You can apply to this one with a single click
A drop-down menu will allow you to choose the profile you wish to use for your application

The advantages of Réseau-freelances

  • Are you looking for different types of missions? Create multiple profiles under the same account! Only the one that best matches the selected search criteria will be visible to recruiters
  • Receive new offers matching your search criteria directly in your mailbox
  • Stand out from the crowd and create a nicely formated description, with colors and texts from your PDF or word document, thanks to our integrated editor
  • Réseau-freelances' integrated messaging system allows you to be in contact and exchange with recruiters without using your personal information