searches and e-mail alerts

Do mission searches take you hours? On Réseau-freelances, we allow you to filter offers more efficiently!

The searches

  • They allow you to quickly filter the types of missions that interest you with the keywords of your choice. You can also filter offers geographically
  • When you do a new search, you can choose to save it in order to use it again the next time you visit the website.

The e-mail alert

  • The "e-mail alert" option is available on each of your saved searches
  • Once the email alert is activated, you will receive a weekly email, containing the latest results of your searches, based on the keywords you have chosen

good to know

you can deactivate and reactivate an e-mail alert or delete a search at any time

The advantages of the Réseau-freelances

  • Are you looking for different types of missions? Create multiple profiles under the same account! Only the one that best matches the selected search criteria will be visible to recruiters
  • Receive new offers matching your search criteria directly in your mailbox
  • Stand out from the crowd and create a nicely formated description, with colors and texts from your PDF or word document, thanks to our integrated editor
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