Find the freelance profiles that interest

Réseau-freelances allows you to find the freelance profiles that interest you and to consult your saved searches in 2 clicks

The dashboard

With the dashboard, you can quickly access new freelance profiles, those you have consulted, and those you have already contacted.

  • The latest profiles

    Your dashboard allows you to list profiles by publication date, from the most recent to the oldest. Create your own custom searches in the CV library to filter the displayed profiles. Save as many keyword searches as you like

  • Profiles viewed

    Profiles that you have already browsed, but have not yet contacted

  • Profiles contacted

    The profiles to which you have already sent a message. When a freelancer replies to your message via the website's messaging system, you will then receive a notification email

Contact a freelancer

Are you interested in a profile? You can contact him or her with a single click

Send the profile a private message via the website's messaging system

The advantages of the Réseau-freelances

  • Publish all your mission offers simply and efficiently on our platform
  • Search profiles by keywords, and quickly find qualified professionals
  • Receive new profiles matching your search criteria in your mailbox
  • Use our private messaging system to directly contact the freelance profiles that interest you